2D & 3D Modelling


3D Asset & Terrain Modelling 


Symbiosis Australia offers a full 3D modelling capability to any project or asset.


3D renderings can be made into any shape or size- whether you want tilted, protect mounted, plateau top or an entire exhibition.


Each point is geo-referenced to standard survey tolerance accuracy and contains X,Y,Z data as well as colour.


3D Map Models offer geographic location capable of depicting real life locations globally. Map models are important to depict sight lines, terrain, points of range size for any use such as state park & national map mods, exhibition & artistic displays map model, museum map models and military map models.





3D Laser Scan - Water Treatment Facility

Aerial Scan - Water storage

3D Terrain model

2D orthophoto - Water storage facility

2D orthophoto - Settling ponds

2D Orthophotography & Digital Surface Modelling


2D Orthophoto, is an geometrically corrected image by aerial photography so that the scale is uniform.


Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances due to it being an accurate representation of the Earth's surface, having been adjusted camera tilt, lens distortion & topographic relief.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which is a "map accurate" background image use othophotography, but also require a digital elevation model (DEM) to create an accurate orthophoto as corrections need to be made to stop distortions in the image due to the varying distance between the camera/sensor and different points on the ground.


Software is needed to display the orthophoto and allow an operator to digitize or place text annotations, lineworks & geographic symbols (such as schools, emergency response facilities & hospital).