Drone Inspection & Condition Assessment 

Inspecting assets manually is time-consuming and labor intensive. Drones offer an unparalleled approach to inspecting rooves and structures that would otherwise require the use of elevated work platforms, scaffolding or rope access.

These activities require significant resources and planning and are time consuming, expensive and potentially dangerous.

Preventative maintenance can add decades to the useful life of major infrastructure and commercial and residential buildings.

Fitted with either a 4K-HD camera or FLIR thermal imaging camera, Symbiosis Australia's use of drones, combined with our in-house team of corrosion specialists, are capable of capturing and analysing high-definition evidence of defects located on most asset types.

  • High rise Commercial buildings
  • Bridges, wharves and jetties
  • Above ground tanks and pipelines
  • Chimneys and stacks 
  • Solar farms
  • Wind towers
  • Communication towers
  • High and low Voltage transmission towers
  • Pre and Post-construction completeness surveys
  • Oil & Gas industry condition assessments
  • Dams & Reservoir condition assessments