Mining & Resources

Safety of workers within the mining sector is of paramount importance. By allowing surveyors to collect accurate spatial data from the air , Drone technology reduces risk by minimizing time staff spend on site.

Drone-based data collection can boost productivity; surveying projects that once took days or weeks using traditional surveying techniques are now possible in a few hours.


Symbiosis' Drones enable the collection of data with ease, requiring no downtime while surveyors move around compared to lost time whilst using terrestrial surveying instruments.

With fewer man hours required to produce large, accurate data sets, and no need for externally-sourced imagery, the result is vastly reduced costs.

  • Digital Surface Modelling (DSM)   Contours for mine, quarry and stockpile volumetric calculations
  • Orthomosaic Imagery -  Used to represent large areas and measure true distances. 
  • Condition Assessment - The use of drones to safely and successfully undertake condition assessments of site infrastructure. This method is particularly effective for conveyor systems, tanks, abovegound pipelines and elevated plant and equipment.
  • Accurate, timed snapshots  - The use of Aerial imagery to accurately assess project progress.
  • 3D Modelling -  Development  of precise models of site and infrastructure for quickly determining existing site conditions, improving design quality and reducing lead times.

               Mine Pit Depth Elevation Range

                        Isometric Solid View

            Mine Pit Depth Contour Elevation Range

                                   Plan View

                         Orthomosaic Imagery