Thermal Imaging

The use of drones as an inspection tool is fast becoming the norm and thermal inspections are no exception.


Solar Farms

As the need for electricity from solar farms is on the rise it is the upmost importance that they are operating at maximum potential. Solar farm inspections can be used for commissioning phase of a project or as general maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Using our fleet of drones and FLIR camera hardware Symbiosis Australia can meet your inspection needs.



Maintaining a reliable electricity network in any CBD or remote parts of the country comes down to reliable and accurate inspection data. To assist with this process Symbiosis Australia utilise drone technology with thermal cameras to detect faults and or abnormalities.


Other Thermal Applications: 

  • Roof/Structure Inspection
  • Communication Towers
  • Security Surveying
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Search and Rescue
  • Gas/Water/Oil Pipeline 


During Construction, commissioning and for operations and maintenance purposes, drone imagery is an efficient and effective way to assess major infrastructure

Thermal imagery using a drone mounted FLIR thermal camera can be used to assess the efficiency of large scale solar farms such as this 200 hectare Solar farm in FNQ.

Digital image of pole mounted transformer.

Transformer drop fuse showing connection issues.