Concrete Inspection & Assessment

Symbiosis Australia' Concrete Inspection and Testing is carried out by our qualified and experienced personnel who have  an intimate understanding of all factors leading to and progressing concrete degradation. Symbiosis Australia can diagnose early and advanced causes of concrete cancer and provide  recommendations for the best remedial solutions to renew concrete to a fit for purpose condition.

Our site concrete testing capabilities include;


  • Concrete cover surveys
  • Reinforcement locating
  • Carbonation testing 
  • Chloride Ingress testing
  • Corrosion Potential
  • Moisture Testing 
  • Slump Testing
  • Concrete Hardness/compressive strength testing (Rebound hammer test) 
  • Adhesion testing   
  • Drummyness/Delamination
  • Reinforcement Continuity     
  • Resistivity
  • Surface preparation inspection
  • Protective Coating inspection

Concrete delamination testing

Concrete delamination identification

3D Scanning of concrete bridge

Reinforcement and cover verification

Concrete hardness testing

3D scan of concrete wharf showing accurate measurements and defect annotations

Concrete Condition Assessment and Repair Solutions


The key to making informed Asset Management expenditure decisions, is to understand the condition of your concrete structures, the environment to which they are subjected and the best value remediation methodology to maintain the concrete in a fit for purpose condition.


Symbiosis has extensive experience in providing our clients with each stage of Concrete Remediation projects including;

  • Condition Assessment, Inspection & Testing
  • Development of Work Scopes, Specifications & Business cases
  • Design review
  • Contractor Selection process
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Construction Verification
  • Third Party Inspection


Symbiosis regularly undertakes the following concrete testing on large infrastructure and assets.


  • Visual Inspection
  • Compressive Strength/Schmidt Hammer
  • Crack Testing
  • Drummyness
  • Depth of Carbonation
  • Reinforcing steel continuity
  • Chloride Ingress testing
  • Surface preparation before coating application
  • Concrete Coating application testing


Symbiosis has the capability to access the most difficult asset areas to conduct inspection and testing, including the use of: 

  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones)
  • Elevated Work Platforms & boom lifts
  • Rope Access operators
  • Confined Space Entry


Additional Concrete Capabilities undertaken by Symbiosis Australia include:


  • Tender Document Development
  • Tender Review
  • Concrete Coating Inspection
  • Contractor Selection & Auditing
  • Repair specification development
  • Concrete failure analysis
  • Condition assessment
  • Quality monitoring